Last year the staff at Kent Elementary made a decision that changed the way students are recognized at our school.  Instead of awards ceremonies, student of the month assemblies, and honour rolls, we decided to honour and recognize each student in our school for their strengths, talents, and interests (inside and outside of school).  The true impact that this has had on our kids is difficult to be written in words, although I have attempted to tell the story in a blog post.  To see students, who have never been mentioned or recognized, beaming with pride as they are being described by their teacher for all the amazing things that each and every one of them bring to our school is something that must be seen and heard.

EVERY child has a strength inside them; it is our job, as educators, to bring this out.  This page is designed to showcase the success stories of schools that have moved away from the traditional awards ceremonies and monthly assemblies that only focus on a select few students to a place where ALL students are recognized for their unique talents and interests.  Most importantly, I want to hear about the impact that this has had on the students.  Student comments on this would be the most powerful.

Please email me you and your students’ story and it will be showcased on this blog.  Please consider these questions to guide your story.

  1. Why did you move away from the traditional format of awards ceremonies?
  2. How are you honouring and recognizing each student or what is your current ceremony format?
  3. What impact has this had on your students? Any examples and stories would be great to read.
  4. Have there been any challenges to this change?
  5. Anything else you would like to add? Any advice for those trying to change the way they recognize students at their school?
  6. Please include your school’s details – grades, city, state/province, country.
  7. Is it ok to use your name on my blog?

If you are not comfortable with writing a post, you can also just email me your school’s name, city, province/state and a brief summary.

Together, let’s create a movement that leads us to recognize ALL students.





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