Professional Growth Plan

2016-17 GOAL (in progress):

To create the conditions for a more positive staff culture in the school.

BCPVPA Standards that are the focus of the goal:

Domain 1: Moral Stewardship
Standard 1: Values, Vision, and Mission

  • Principals and Vice-Principals guide the development and implementation of shared values, vision, mission, and goals to support engagement, learning, and success for all learners.

Domain 3: Relational Leadership
Standard 5: Intrapersonal Capacity

  • Principals and vice-principals demonstrate self-knowledge and personal qualities that support positive relationships and build cultures of integrity.

Standard 6: Interpersonal Capacity

  • Principals and Vice-Principals build and support positive, effective working relationships within the school and community for all.

Standard 7: Cultural Leadership

  • Principals and Vice Principals build and support positive, effective working relationships within the school.


If I focus on the strengths of staff and create the conditions for a more positive, collaborative staff culture, will we engage in more regular, reflective dialogue and create actions for change that drive staff and student learning forward?


  • Determine with staff the qualities of a positive staff culture (Completed)
    • Determine with staff the barriers to a positive staff culture

  • Create a strengths-based culture for staff

  • Build trust through active listening, effective management, and caring leadership.
  • Attend workshops sessions as a team
    • Dr. Ross Greene sessions
    • Making Connections Conference – Resource team – October, 2016
    • Faye Brownlie sessions
    • Shelley Moore session
    • All staff attended a session at Kwantlen Cultural Centre on cultural bias and privilege. Following this, we all attended the First Salmon Ceremony.
  • Create the conditions for staff leadership by tapping into strengths
    • Pro-D Days, staff meetings, collaboration time
    • Numerous examples of staff members facilitating sessions on professional development days. Staff often chose to stay at the school to work with and learn from each other in the areas of numeracy, writing, technology, strengths-based leadership, and physical education.
    • Staff-led discussion at staff meetings on SOGI, Truth and Reconciliation, writing, and thinking.
  • Provide space to discuss and implement strategies for wellness (balance, rest, happiness, care)


    • Some evidence embedded above.
    • Online anonymous staff survey on school culture and my professional growth. Questions can be found here (live survey is a private link).
    • Shared our experience with organization culture at workshops in Edmonton and Calgary (Feb/Mar 2017) with administrators and school leaders (slides are here and embedded below). Positive feedback was received by organizers.


Coming soon (following staff survey).




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