Professional Growth Plan

2016-17 GOAL (DRAFT – in progress):

To create the conditions for a more positive staff culture in the school.

BCPVPA Standards that are the focus of the goal:

Domain 1: Moral Stewardship
Standard 1: Values, Vision, and Mission

  • Principals and Vice-Principals guide the development and implementation of shared values, vision, mission, and goals to support engagement, learning, and success for all learners.

Domain 3: Relational Leadership
Standard 5: Intrapersonal Capacity

  • Principals and vice-principals demonstrate self-knowledge and personal qualities that support positive relationships and build cultures of integrity.

Standard 6: Interpersonal Capacity

  • Principals and Vice-Principals build and support positive, effective working relationships within the school and community for all.

Standard 7: Cultural Leadership

  • Principals and Vice Principals build and support positive, effective working relationships within the school.


If I focus on the strengths of staff and create the conditions for a more positive, collaborative staff culture, will we engage in more regular, reflective dialogue and create actions for change that drive staff and student learning forward?


  • Determine with staff the qualities of a positive staff culture (Completed)
    • Determine with staff the barriers to a positive staff culture


    • Staff survey on school culture and growth (to be developed)
    • Staff survey on how I am doing with regards to the “4 Pillars” and associated values (to be developed)
    • Shared our experience with organization culture at workshops in Edmonton and Calgary (Feb/Mar 2017) with administrators and school leaders (slides are here and embedded below). Positive feedback was received by organizers.


Coming soon…




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