Here is a list of thoughts from me and many other bloggers on the topic of Awards Ceremonies in School (if you know of a post that should be included in this, please email/tweet me):

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  17. for the love of learning: Unconditional Recognition
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  43. Stump The Teacher: The Stumpies
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  46. Parenting is Political: A Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony: Awkward
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  50. Transformer Gramma: Idiots, Losers and Non-Achievers 
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  52. Awards for All Means Students Still Lose – No Matter How Well Meaning They Are | Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension
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  55. Farewell assembly: the farewell to our grade 8′s and Awards | technology4engagement 
  56. Awards, Rewards and The Bigger Picture |
  57. The Need For Recognition: School Award Ceremonies | maelstrom
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