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For the past 17 years, I have created slideshows of images for school-wide assemblies (as well as for my family) that help create a positive culture and help us reflect on the many moments from the past few weeks/months. Finding newer music that shares a positive message and is appropriate for elementary school students can be a bit of a challenge so I have created this list of songs we have used.  I will continue to add to this list so if you have a great song that is newer and beyond the traditional slideshow music, please add it in the comments section below. These songs are in no particular order but I have separated them into slower and more upbeat tunes. Some have been hyperlinked so if you click on these, it will take you to the video.

More Upbeat Songs:

Slower Songs

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  1. First, THANK YOU! Just doing up an farewell to Grade 7 slideshow and these are some great picks!
    Another suggestions: Family of the Year – Hero

  2. “Nature Boy” by Jose Feleciano. Ive listened to it a gazillion times. never gets old to me.

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