2018-19 Professional Growth Plan

2018-19 GOAL 1: Professional

To support staff professional learning and drive learning forward through instructional leadership in the area of literacy. 
Note: I will continue to reflect and develop in the area of building positive staff culture as well but at my current school, it is more about maintaining positive staff culture. 

BCPVPA Standards:

Domain 2: Instructional Leadership
The following standards and points are relevant to my goal:
Standard 3: Supervision for Learning – Leading for Learning
  • Principals and vice-principals engage in effective supervision that focuses on instructional and assessment practices that maximize student development, engagement, and learning.
    • Promote and support the use of appropriate curriculum, learning resources, and effective instructional strategies.
    • Know current teaching and learning practices in every classroom through on-going supervision.

Standard 3: Supervision for Learning – Clarifying Purpose

  • Set and maintain high and achievable expectations for all learners.
  • Engage teachers in dialogue about the effective use of instructional time.
  • Involve teachers in data collection, analysis, and dialogue about student learning and instruction.

Standard 3: Supervision for Learning – Professional Relationships

  • Create opportunities to build professional relationships that inspire trust and demonstrate respect.
  • Demonstrate curiosity when engaging in reflective dialogue about teaching and student learning.

Standard 3: Supervision for Learning – Learner-Focused Dialogue

  • Create a culture of understanding that focuses on the child as a “learner”
  • Engage in purposeful and on-going learner-focused dialogue.
  • Ensure students’ educational needs are central to all decision making.

Standard 3: Supervision for Learning – Structures and Support

  • Encourage collaborative staff teams to engage in an inquiry model based on data/evidence that promotes student engagement and learning.
  • Promote reflection and dialogue about effective teaching practices.
  • Actively work with staff to create opportunities to improve targeted areas of development.


  1. Focus on key areas of for school action plan
    • Main goal: reading achievement
    • Subgoals/strategies: instruction, assessment, self-regulation
  2. Discuss and reflect on Balanced Literacy Instruction with a focus on Guided Reading Instruction (ongoing)
  3. Introduce Learning Sprints model of staff collaboration and development
    1. Attend workshops with Simon Breakspear (completed, October 2018)
    2. Engage in 2-3 sprints in grade groups (completed in Dec 2018 and March 2019)
    3. Learning Sprints survey to staff (completed, May 2019)
    4. Create Learning Sprints team
    5. Reflections – see Blog: School Growth: Small is the New BIG
  4. Participate in Learning Walks
    1. Develop capacity to engage in curious, reflective dialogue
  5. Build on the success of self-regulation to plan for continual growth in reading instruction and reading achievement
    1. Determine reasons for success (completed – see here). 
      1. Blog: School Growth: Building on Strengths
    2. Build on these to plan for supporting development and growth maintenance of reading instruction (ongoing)
    3. Consistency of language of reading instruction (Initiated, March, 2019)
    4. Consistency of instructional strategies (September, 2019)
      1. Resource: The Next Step Forward In Guided Reading by Jan Richardson
  6. Reflect and grow in the area of formative assessment (ongoing)
    1. Learning intentions
    2. Success criteria
    3. Descriptive feedback that drives learning forward

Other Resources:

2018-20 GOAL 2: Personal

To be an effective leader, I need a healthy lifestyle with energy to perform well as a principal. Family time will continue to be a priority but my own health and physical fitness needs to be improved so I can thrive in this position for the years ahead. 
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