Catching Moments

Moments at the park with my kids.

I recently took a few weeks off Twitter, Blogs, and Facebook.

As I did this, there were a few thoughts that I had but this one stood out:

You can always catch up on the tweets and posts… you can never catch up on the moments.

My kids are growing up so quickly… moments with my family are what I live for.

I love being so connected and forming amazing professional and personal relationships with so many great people.  It is difficult to even put in words how social media has affected my career and life. The challenge for me is to continue to work toward a more balanced life that includes being connected.  I don’t plan on spending less time using social media but I will be spending time differently.

I may be a bit behind reading tweets and blog posts but I know I will be there more often to catch the moments right in front of me.

Thanks to Dwight Carter for our phone conversation and his post that caused me to reflect.  Thanks also to my wonderful wife for the reminders and the push.

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Chris Wejr

Proud father of twin girls and a son. Currently working as the Principal of Shortreed Elementary School (K-5) in Aldergove, BC, Canada. Passionate about instruction, strengths-based education and leadership, reconciliation, assessment, and human motivation.


  1. So glad to hear that… no ‘cat’s in the cradle’ story in your life!! Great pics of the girls this morning… was quality time for me, too. Continue to grab those moments… they don’t come twice!

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Chris. As a father of 7 year old twins I can attest to the need and challenge to Be. Here. Now in every moment. Thanks for sharing the photos of your girls. Be well, friend.

  3. Yesterday I thought, “I haven’t seen Daddy Weej around for awhile,” and then I realized I’d been seeing so many Instragram photos of your little ones, and I knew you were spending your time wisely. 🙂

  4. Chris,

    I am so glad that you took time away from being connected to enjoy your family. Yes, they are only little once and it is gone in a blink of an eye, it seems. I look at my 3 and I am amazed at home they are growing up before my eyes.

    Balance can be a difficult thing. I struggle with this as well. The person who loses out on time, seems to be me though, not my kids or my work. I am usually around a lot when I am not at work, playing with my kids. The difficulty is, once they go to bed, then I am back to work – online, on the computer, etc…. Last year, I often did this until 1 am. Yah, that meant that I wasn’t getting a whole lot of sleep each night (5:30am comes rather early). I seemed to manage all of it just fine last year, but I know that I can’t continue to do that – it’s just not healthy for me. I need to make sure I give myself the time I need for proper rest/sleep and recharging.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Take care,

  5. I have been feeling rather “random” (as my teens would say) with how I have been going about reading tweets and blogs lately and during these summer days.

    As my kids get older it is always interesting to figure out what they need in terms of time and moments shared. Each summer can look so different in terms of that. It is often much later that you realize just how much the time shared meant to them and how it all fit in with developing relationships. Even with my older teens now, I still hear them talk about past experiences we had that I didn’t think they would even remember. Our shared moments may be less at their age now but it is great how we can share many memories and chuckles about things that they recall. It is often moments that were unplanned and just happened. It makes you thankful for the time you made, even if you didn’t think it was valued or appreciated at the time and you could have been off doing other “stuff”.

    All the best in catching great moments ahead, Chris! You give great support to many through social media and I am sure however you dedicate your time will be supported as well.

  6. Chris,
    I always enjoy reading your posts. This one is especially important for the current digital age. It seems that unless we purposely put down the ipads, iphones and lap tops we cannot get away from the tweets, chirps, and bleeps that have become all too familiar. I know I fall victim to this each day.

    There is nothing more important than family. My boys are now 18 and 16 and quite independent but that does not mean they need me less than when they were little – they just need me in different ways. My husband and I have always placed an emphasis on the family, the ‘ohana’ first. As I completed my first Grouse Grind in over 20 years yesterday, they were waiting at the top ready to give me huge hugs and words of congratulations. This moment reconfirmed all the things we have done to ensure a family that values being together.

    Enjoy the time today, tomorrow and the next with your girls as they will always bring you to what is most important in life.

    The tweets and bleeps can wait.

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