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A few years ago, our school ended our traditional awards ceremony, student of the month awards, and honour roll. Instead we try to honour EVERY child for the strength and passion while challenging and encouraging them to grow in their areas in which they struggle. We continue to honour our academic students; however, now ALL children are honoured for who they are.

My question is: how important is it to publicly honour people? If we praised and challenged their efforts each day (ie. Dweck’s ‘Growth Mindset’), would we need to host public events to celebrate students?

Next time you discuss the select few that are honoured at your school, please reflect on the images from the Sagan Series and the words of Richard Feynman in this short video below.

Note: although the video mentions a religious figure, this post is in no way written to initiate a discussion around this but merely to question how society honours particular people, skill sets, and positions.

Thank you to @sheilaspeaking, @hhg, and @nunavuttweeter for bringing this video to my attention.