My Favourite Teacher: My Mother

When I think back to all the learning that took place up until now, I have to say that my favourite teacher was my grade 7 home economics teacher.  I have actually known this teacher my entire life – she was there on the day of my birth and we are extremely close today.  This teacher is my mother, Lynne Wejr.  Although I am sure I learned a whole lot in that grade 7 year, it is the lessons that have been taught and the qualities that have been modeled that have shaped me to become the person I am today.

My favourite teacher: my mother

My favourite teacher: my mother

When I think about trying to put into words all that mom has taught me, the key word that comes to mind is: FAMILY.

Although my parents never had the perfect marriage, for my sister and I, they were the perfect parents  (you can read more about what my father taught me here).  I never remember a time when my mom was not there for me.  She has been at every sporting or school event, family barbecue, birthday party, and special occasion.  She was there for every heartbreak, every failure, every fall, and every injury.  No mother in the world can say they supported their son more than my mom.

Now that I am a father, and my wife celebrates her first mother’s day, I want to take this time to reflect all that my mom has taught me and say… thank you.

Thank you for…

  • always putting family first
  • being there when I needed a hug – when I was a child all the way through a recent loss
  • being my biggest fan – on the court, on the field, and on the ice – whether I was in first place or last place
  • driving me everywhere I needed to go and providing me with opportunities to follow my passions
  • being firm when I needed discipline and gentle when I needed guidance
  • encouraging me to take risks and challenge myself
  • teaching me that success was based on hard work and effort rather than ability
  • sewing the holes and hemming and unhemming my pants growing up
  • teaching the importance of trying new things (as a teacher, my mom never taught the same position for more than 5 years – she worked as elementary, middle, and high school teacher as well as a special ed teacher and librarian)
  • being so excited whenever I call
  • putting up with my grumpy years (ages 13-27  😉 )
  • teaching me to jive dance
  • staying up all night with me to get my last-minute projects done
  • looking after Ozzy and Mason (and letting our 150lb Bullmastiff Ozzy pretend to be a lap dog)
  • demonstrating the power of forgiveness
  • teaching rather than punishing
  • showing me the reward was the task itself
  • honouring me for who I am rather than the things I have done
  • being the glue that holds our family together
  • being the best Nan to my girls that they could ever imagine
  • modeling to me the patience, care, and love that it takes to be a parent like you

Mom, I know that I don’t say this enough but thank you, I love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know.  Happy Mother’s Day!!!