First taste of cake... not so sure.

A little over a year ago, two tiny little girls arrived in my life that changed my world forever.  In the past year my wife and I have tried to teach them so much: how to eat, sleep, sit up, crawl, walk, and now talk…. but this pales in comparison to what my beautiful daughters have taught me.

They have taught me that no matter what is happening in my life outside of the home, nothing is more important than being in our home… being present… being in the moment.

They have taught me that a baby’s giggle can turn any moment into a happy one.

They have taught me to celebrate the steps in learning in each child; growth happens in each child at different times and in different ways… embrace it.

They have taught me to leave and arrive home every day with a huge grin as they “wave” to me in our front window.

They have taught me that the mere presence of an infant, let alone two, can strike up happy conversations with random people that would have never occurred without babies being there… and how I need to have more conversations with people whom I sit near in coffee shops.

They have taught me that I can survive on a few minutes of sleep per night for many months and still wake up with a smile.

They have taught me that curiosity is the root of all learning… and that so many things around us are fascinating.

They have taught me that no matter the generation, babies bring joy to those around them.

They have taught me there is nothing like the beautiful gaze, gentle touch, warm hug, softly held hand or sloppy fish kiss from an infant.

They have taught me to value wellness over everything else.. as what I want for my children above all else is to be healthy and happy.

Most of all, they have taught me that life is all about the little moments… to stop and enjoy them because they pass so quickly.

A year ago… my world changed.  Thank you to my beautiful wife and daughters for all you have taught me and for making this past year the most amazing of my life.  Happy birthday to my little monkeys.

Thank you to all my friends, family, and staff who have supported our family this past year. 

Here is a video I made for my family… thanks to Marty Stevens for the song idea.