Learning from 6 year-olds

I woke up today with a sense of failure.  Not failure because of my beloved Canucks and their loss in the Stanley Cup Final (or win of 2nd place) but because of what occurred with our city following the game.  Many of our citizens made decisions last night that made me watch in disgust.  In other countries, they riot for freedom, democracy, and equality; last night, some unfortunate people rioted just because.

At school today, many intermediate teachers have used the riots as a teachable moment – to discuss the issues such as mob mentality, groupthink, and the impact of bystanders.  As I was walking down the primary hall, I came across the bulletin board of all the posters from the Canucks playoffs… but the kids had added something that, to me, said it all:

A thank you from our grade 1/2 class.

A thank you from our grade 1/2 class.

Leave it to 6 and 7 year-olds to, again, teach me what it is really all about.