Inspired By A 7 Year-Old – UPDATED

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We all look to be inspired – we search videos, read books, attend conferences, and meet with people who inspire us.  Many times, we need not look further than our own playground;  to make a difference in the world, we just need to listen to our children as it is they who can inspire us in a way like no other.

Mackenzie, Grade 2

Mackenzie Frumen, age 7

In November, I was out supervising in the primary end when I felt a tug on the back of my coat.  I turned around and saw a bright eyed seven year-old, Mackenzie Frumen, who stated, “Mr. Wejr, I want to cut my hair and give it to someone.  I also want to raise money.”  I was a bit blown away from this comment so I said the usual, “Wow! Tell me more…”

Mackenzie, a grade 2 student at our school, went on to tell me how she had been watching TV and was inspired by a girl who was fighting cancer and needed to wear a wig.  The two of us spoke for a few more minutes and we decided that Mackenzie, her mother, and I should come up with a plan on how the school could help.  Mackenzie’s mom told me of the relationship the family had with the Cuccione Family and that Mackenzie wanted to donate $500 to the Michael Cuccione Foundation that raises money to one day help to eradicate childhood cancer. She also invites others to join her in donating her long hair (although the 2 initiatives are linked, Mackenzie’s plan is to donate her hair regardless of the amount of money she raises).

It is amazing how inspiring kids can be.  Mackenzie is one example of a child that wants to make a difference in the world.  Please read the message from Mackenzie, watch her interview and support her and the Michael Cuccione Foundation.

Hi.  My name is Mackenzie and I am in Grade 2 at Kent Elementary in Agassiz.  I have been growing out my hair for the past two years and now it’s time to get 10 inches cut off to be made into a wig for a child who has lost their hair from a disease.  My goal is to raise $500 to be donated to the Michael Cuccione Foundation before I get my hair cut.  Please help me in my fundraising efforts to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Donations can be made through the school or through the charity’s website (click here).  (If donating through the website please note in the comment section on the bottom of the donation page that it is for my fundraiser so that we can keep track of donations.)  Thank you for your support!

Please leave a message for Mackenzie in the comment box below.  Thank you for reading and supporting her in this great cause!


We wanted to thank everyone who supported Mackenzie by donating and/or encouraging her through her fundraiser.  The hair cut was a little scary for her but she’s now loving her new short do!  We all learned how generous people can be and that one little person CAN make a difference.  Mackenzie is honoured to have her story placed for awhile on the Michael Cuccione Foundation’s website!

We are VERY proud to announce that Mackenzie raised a whopping $2,485!!!  Wow!  Way beyond her goal and our expectations!

Thanks again for all your support!

Steve, Linda, and Mackenzie Frumen

Way to go Mackenzie!  We are all very proud of you!

Way to go Mackenzie! We are all very proud of you!